Skin Care Protection For Winter

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donkey-model_DHQ.jpgEars face and hands are particularly affected by winter winds. HUH? Face and hands suffer, the skin stretches, and cracks and is prone to skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and fungi.

If you switch from cold to warm air, open pores in the skin releases more moisture. The red cheeks are then not a sign of radiant health, but a strong reaction, often accompanied by itching.

Fat cream protects

For hundreds of years, people in the cold regions of the world protected their skin with fat. HUH? Women who use a moisturizing emulsion in the summer should necessarily go to a higher fat cream in the winter. Alcohol or soap-based cleaning products are aggressive, therefore it is better to use soap-free cleansing lotions.

After each washing, you should apply a skin lotion. For sensitive skin care, products contain the ingredient panthenol, particularly suitable because they speed up the regeneration of the skin. Also highly suitable are creams that contain urea. Urea binds the skin. Lotions containing tannin in turn contribute to itching. Here you should consult with your doctor or pharmacist.


Caution in winter sports

More extreme condition acquire after the skin to a greater degree. For example, when exposed to winter sports like skiing because the low temperatures and fast speeds make it feel colder and the wind lowers the skin temperature further. In addition, a strong UV radiation comes in the high mountains bouncing off the white snow. Here a strong sunscreen or even UV-blockers are necessary. It is also important to protect the lips with a sun block.

The natural resources: Whey

Baths from donkey milk liquid soap milk were very popular in ancient Rome. The legend also has it that Cleopatra bathed in it. Considerably cheaper whey baths, as whey is ideal for skin care. Regular baths and washes with sweet whey a natural resource for the whole body.

Acid whey is ideal for eczema and dermatitis. The lactic acid protects as part of the acid mantle, the outer layer of skin from bacteria and germs. The skin is revitalized, cleansed and kept from drying out, as the lactic acid can bind water. Two to three liters of whey or whey powder, 300 g is for a therapeutic bath with a bath temperature of approximately 37 degrees.

After the bath, the whey should dry film on the skin. With a bit of pure whey on a cotton pad, you can also maintain the skin. Whey powder and bath blends with whey you get ready in pharmacies and health food stores.

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